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2002 Toyota RAV4 EV for sale

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aarond63 · · 7 years ago

I wanted to get some feedback from as many people as possible in this forum. We took a 2002 Toyota RAV4 EV in for trade and the customer also included the 220 charger (it is in the backseat). From what I have found so far there were only 382 made and obviously there are none out there for sale so I wanted to know if you would have any input for me or be interested in the car.
Thanks, Aaron


· · 7 years ago

Aaron, Darell one of the frequent contributors here could probably be of help. He has one and knows all about them. There are others that post here like Mark Geller who could also give you some direction, but Darell is here every day so hopefully he'll read this and reach out to you.

I know one thing, before you could buy a volt or LEAF the used RAV4 EV's would sell for big bucks(way more than they cost new) even with high mileage and a battery that would soon need replacing, now not so much since you can finally buy a new EV. I'm guessing you got it from a trade in on a LEAF?

· · 7 years ago

Hi Tom, We did indeed get it in trade. We aren't really afraid to say we dont know hte exact market, so I recommeneded that I solicit my friends advice here to get a better idea. i dont know eactly what this might left or maybe a collector would check in. Thank you very much for your input Tom.

· · 7 years ago

Hi Aaron -

There were far more than 328 made, but that's close to the "retail" number. From my FAQ:

Q: How many Rav4EVs have been on the road?
A: Fleet numbers by model year:

1997 - 69
1998 - 359
1999 - 255
2000 - 106
2001 - 160
retail numbers:

2002-2003 - 238 leases and 101 purchases = 339 total
VIN 2818, the last of the retail Rav4EVs was sold on September 14, 2003.

The used value reached a peak of over $60,000 at the 3-year mark. Sales are now happening in the $20k area. There are no NEW ones for sale, but the used ones do come up every now and again. Most are sold on eBay, though many have luck selling them on our Rav4EV email list as well.

Have a look at my Rav4EV page to learn more than you ever wanted to know:

· · 7 years ago

Hi Darell, As always you are the man! Thank you so much for your help, that really helps alot. It is a good thing I would think, to have the charger for it as well.

· · 7 years ago

Aaron -

Yes, the chargers haven't been made for a while, and are not so easy to find these days!

· · 7 years ago

aaron: Just wondering, how many miles does it have and is it the original battery pack?

· · 7 years ago

It has just over 90K miles on it and according to the customer, although these are the original batteries, he is getting about 90% charge from it. It has a couple dents that we will fix in the next couple days but the car looks pretty nice and drives well. Since it has the charger included I think we are going to ask $24991, does that sound reasonable?

· · 7 years ago

Darell has a much better grip on the RAV4 EV market out there but I find it hard to believe that someone would buy a (nearly)decade old EV with 90,000 miles on the original pack for 25K when they can also buy a new LEAF from the same dealer for virtually the same price. Granted they'll have to wait for the LEAF, but still...

Not to disparage your wonderful EV Darell. If they were both new, it would be a different story, but ten years old and a pack that is going to need to be replaced in a few years I think 25K is a bit high. Of course if this was only a year ago then I bet you would get it, however today there are finally options..but then again I'm not in CA, and I really don't know the RAV4 EV demand out there. I can tell you this, I drove in Marc Geller's last year(Darell wouldn't let me in his!), and it's a great vehicle.

Historically the few used ones that were for sale sold instantly and commanded higher prices than 25K, but things have changed now that you CAN finally buy an EV.

· · 7 years ago

Obviously I have no crystal ball. All I can tell you is that fully operable Ravs haven't yet sold for under $20. If folks could drive a Leaf home off the lot, there wouldn't be much discussion - but as you note, that isn't the case. Instant gratification is still worth money, apparently.

Also to note: The Leaf is not the configuration of vehicle that some buyers are looking for. There are several tasks for which the Rav is much better suited for than the Leaf. For one thing, I can stand a full-size, fully-assembled bicycle in the back of the Rav without any fuss. I'm not sure a bicycle will fit in the back of the Leaf without first using a plasma torch (somebody please prove me wrong with pictures!). Does the buyer want to haul hay? Maybe he regularly takes loads of recyclables to the collection center? It isn't always about new and shiny - sometimes the best car for the job is old and dented. ;)

· · 7 years ago

Darell, As usual your insites are invaluable, thank you very much and let me know if you run across someone looking for a RAV4 EV lol

· · 7 years ago

Will do, Aaron -

I will tell you that an owner friend of mine is selling his 2002 with 89k miles - original pack and original range for $19,000 right now.

· Anonymous (not verified) · 6 years ago

DareL where are you located ?

· · 6 years ago

@ Anon -

In my office.

Ha ha.

I'm near Sacramento, CA.

· Anonymous (not verified) · 6 years ago

Darel wheres your contact info?

· · 6 years ago

I can be found at: darell (at) evnut (point) co m.

· eheineman (not verified) · 6 years ago

I'm currently in the market for a used EV Toyota Rav4. Does anyone know of a used toyota electric vehicle for sale?



· · 6 years ago

Hi Eric -

I just replied to your email as well... And approved you for the Rav4EV list. ;)

· · 6 years ago

Don't know where there is a Rav4EV but I may know where there is a Ranger EV.

· Spiehler (not verified) · 6 years ago

I am currently selling a 2002 Toyota rav4 electric vehicle. 22k miles.
Just had the battery pack replaced by Battery M.D.

I plan to list it on eBay.
Just FYI. :0).

· · 6 years ago

22k miles needed a replacement pack? Was it parked for an extended period?

· spiehler (not verified) · 6 years ago

Yes it was parked for an extended period on a very low charge. They normally last much longer- if they are actually driven. I just listed it- but it will take a little time for it to show up on ebay.

I just noticed someone above was in the market- so, i figured I'd let you know there is one available. Actually- 2. I saw another one listed on ebay as well.

They are great little cars I cant believe the range is as good as it is- its equal to my Leaf. But my leaf is much fancier. I love driving electric. I never want to buy gas again. :0)


· · 6 years ago

@ spiehler -

The Rav's range isn't as good as the Leaf's. It is quite a bit better. At least mine sitll is, after 10 years and 90k miles....

· dave k (not verified) · 6 years ago

I bought that rav4 ev and I know it is much better, less than 1/2 charge = 40 miles.
Big D

· Eurocl (not verified) · 5 years ago

have been offered a 2003 Rav ev4 with charger what should I pay for it??

· jacket88 (not verified) · 5 years ago

I'm also in the market for used RAV4. Any leads?

· · 5 years ago

jacket88 - send me your info. email me at my username with the at sign and and I'll hook you up with one of best Rav4EVs that's come up for sale in a while!

· brock (not verified) · 5 years ago

I'm looking to sell a 2003 RAV4 EV with just under 38,000 miles on it. It's just started doing this weird thing where it won't hold a charge. Not sure if it's problem with the charger or the big battery (the aux battery is fine). It's located in Los Angeles. Anybody interested in taking a look at it?

· · 5 years ago

Brock - are you on the Rav4EV list? What does "holding a charge" mean? Will it charge? Will it NOT charge? If we know the symptoms we could take some good guesses at what is going on.

· jacket88 (not verified) · 5 years ago

Darrell- Emailed you in reference to the Rav4EV for sale.

· · 5 years ago


Looks like you must have gotten something a bit off since I've seen nothing here. Backwards, it is: at darelldd

Of course I'm also not sure if the car is still for sale. But I believe there are at least a couple on the market right now.

· jacket88 (not verified) · 5 years ago

sent at rsanders....backward also

· Matrix (not verified) · 5 years ago

Anyboy wants to trade my 03 Rav4L with Rav4 EV? I can pay the difference

· Bill Howland (not verified) · 5 years ago


Just curious what are the specifics on the charger? I'm assuming its too old to be j1772 compatible, but otherwise what are the specs and also how big is the battery its charging, Like 30 kwh?

· · 5 years ago

27 kWh battery (or 26 depending on what assumptions you use). 6.6 kW charger with an inductive paddle. Nominal 240V, 30A input. Correct that J1772 wasn't the standard yet, so each mfg just used what they wanted.

· · 5 years ago

Am looking for a Toyota RAV4 EV. Am in Los Angeles. Have someone in Idaho who specializes in converting race cars and vw bugs into all electric who will spruce my purchase up before it gets shipped back to me.

· · 1 year ago

We're in LA and are looking to sell our 2001 Rav4 EV. Battery pack only charges the top 2 bars (of 4) so the range is down to 30 Miles. Needs some body work. I have two chargers. Anyone interested, please let me know! Weng Ching

· · 1 year ago


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