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Fiat 500e range deception

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Dm · · 1 year ago

THIS CAR IS TERRIBLE!!! Stay away from it
We leased a 2017 fiat 500e and within the first week we have had problems. 1. We have never been
Able to charge to the advertised range of 84 miles! This is a joke!! Our battery says 100% but
The range goes as low as 57. 57 miles on 100% charge!!! There is enough range anxiety with
Electric cars as it is, but when the battery is 100% charged and you only have 57 miles thats
Ridiculous!!! Then, we will drive 1 mile and lose anywhere up to 16 miles in range!! This
Is not random error, my wife and i have documenting all this with pictures on the dash
Which show the distance travelled and range lost or the level of battery charge and range on
When we brought it into the dealer, we were told that
When its cold the battery doesnt charge and loses power!!!
So dont buy this car if you live where it's cold. Keeping in mind we live
In northern ca where its been around 50 degrees!!! So the dealer told
Us there is nothing wrong with the car and we have to work with fiat corporate.
Fiat corporate told us nothing they can do bc the dealer said nothing
Wrong. So each is giving us the run around. A complete waste of time and money.
Nothing but problems with this car!


· · 34 weeks ago

Here's feedback from Tom, a 500e driver.

I own a 2013 500e in southern Ca with over 18k miles.
A co-worker owns a 2014 with about the same mileage.
My best friend has 20k on a leased 2015.
& I ask every driver I meet at any public charger.

We all love our 500e & none of us have had any range problems. My trip gauge says that in the last 1,000 city miles I averaged 4.7 miles per kWh & that is confirmed by the range estimator reading about 115 at full charge.

The range estimator is supposedly based on the assumption you'll drive the same as the last 10 miles, so it isn't difficult to fool: Drive fast up a steep 5-mile hill with A/C on & the range gauge will drop significantly. In situations like that, I don't even use that gauge since it's more accurate to just estimate 1%/mi.

Also, just turning the A/C on makes the gauge instantly drop more than 10%, & it jumps right back up again as soon as you turn it off. I try to park in shade & dress light to use as little A/C as possible, so I've never tried to see how accurate that is, but when A/C is on the 500e uses it to keep the battery cool so it won't wear out like a Leaf.

By far the biggest range factor is speed. When I set the gauge to show the motor power being used, it reads about 5 times as high at 60mph as it does at 30. Hills also use a lot, but it seems to regen nearly all the loss on the way back down. On my set food shopping route uphill & back, if I take it real easy I use 5% & if I go fast I can burn over 10%.

One more note from Tom:
My friend routinely drives a 76 mile round-trip nearly all highway, for which the highest* EPA rating is 81 miles, & she always makes it back without charging, usually with about 9 miles to spare.

* Some years show lower range even though the models are identical. Hiway range calculated from combined range times hiway MPGe divided by combined MPGe

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