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By Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield ·
July 02, 2013

Google Glass Becomes Ultimate Tesla Accessory Thanks To New App

With its automatic software updates, comprehensive user-configurable settings, smartphone apps and a massive 17-inch touchscreen display, the Tesla Model S is one of the highest-tech cars available today. Clearly for some enthusiasts however, being able to open your panoramic sunroof, unlock your doors and honk the horn via the internet just isn’t cool enough.

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By David Herron ·
July 02, 2013

Electric Vehicle Stereotypes Smoked at REFUEL 2013 Race at Laguna Seca Raceway

For some, what will sell electric vehicles is performance, and electric racing events offer the chance to demolish EV stereotypes.

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By Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield ·
June 24, 2013

Tesla’s Fight With Auto Groups Switches Up A Gear As NY Joins In

In the ten years since it was founded, California-based Tesla Motors has ruffled more than a few feathers in the automotive industry with its fresh-faced thinking. Not only is its Model S electric sedan the best electric car money can buy, but the company—led by its tenacious CEO Elon Musk—is fighting a massive war against auto dealers for the right to sell its cars directly to its customers. To date, most of Tesla’s bloody battles have revolved around well-established legislation in some 48 states which make it illegal for automakers to sell cars directly to the public, forcing them to sell through franchised dealerships.

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By Alysha Webb ·
June 21, 2013

Tesla Debuts Battery Swapping Technology

It was the rumble in the gas lane last night at Tesla’s cavernous warehouse in Hawthorne, Calif. CEO Elon Musk presided over an event meant to show off Tesla’s battery swapping technology.

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By Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield ·
June 19, 2013

Tesla Model S Comes Of Age, Gets First Recall

Certain Tesla Model S luxury sedans will be recalled in the coming weeks due to a minor manufacturing fault with the second row seats, Tesla C.E.O. Elon Musk announced today.

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By Jim Motavalli ·
June 03, 2013

Tesla Model S Range and Charging: Some Clarifications

Does the Model S go 300 miles on a charge? Yes, under some circumstances, but you're going to need Max Range. And how far will 20 minutes on a Supercharger get you? Three hours of driving says Tesla, but that translates to 141 miles.

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By David Herron ·
May 30, 2013

Tesla Announced Plans to Expand Its Supercharger Network

On Thursday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that the company's Supercharger network will quickly expand to reach nationwide coverage across North America within one year. Within the next few months, the stations will have faster charging times, and support more cars per location.

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By Laurent J. Masson ·
May 15, 2013

Tesla Leads Because It Outsmarts the Competition

Consumers expect convenience and ease of use. Lengthy charging times are a no-go. And when it comes to EVs, that makes the Tesla Model S the sole option. With a 265-mile E.P.A.-rated range and 90-kW charging from the supercharger network, this is an electric car as easy to use as a gas car. All that comes from the availability of a 85-kWh battery pack. That's the secret.

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By Zach McDonald ·
May 10, 2013

Tesla Stock Hits $80 Per Share Following Profitability Announcement

Tesla's stock price has soared since it announced its first profitable quarter this week, jumping to an all-time high of more than $80 per share this afternoon. Still, investors aren't buying because they expect Model S sales to compete with the Toyota Prius this year—they're buying because they expect Tesla to grow.

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By Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield ·
May 08, 2013

Want A Self-Driving Tesla? Elon Musk Does

The Tesla Model S is one of the most advanced electric cars you can buy today. With a huge 17-inch touch screen doubling up as a center console, and a steady stream of software updates beamed directly to the car over its integrated 4G data connection, the Model S is part car, part gadget. If Tesla C.E.O. Elon Musk has his way, future Tesla models could go one step further—taking over the driving for you—something Musk calls a “logical step” in automotive technology.

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