Volkswagen E-Up! Might Be Headed to the U.S. After All

· · 7 years ago

Just when we had written it off as another canceled concept, it appears that the Volkswagen E-Up! could be destined for production after all. What's better, two-door small car appears to be headed for the North American market as well.

First revealed at the Frankfurt Auto Show in 2009, the E-Up! was originally supposed to be just the first of a three all-electric vehicles Volkswagen was planning to release by 2013. Then came word that VW had shifted its focus toward the e-Golf (an electrified version if its best selling vehicle,) with a test fleet headed for the states by next year.

But Automobile Magazine is reporting today that it has seen Volkswagen's most recent development timeline and that the E-Up!—which is apparently referred to internally as "NSF BEV" for "New Small Family Battery Electric Vehicle"—is still slated for a 2013 release.

Of course, there is no report of any comments from VW—official or unofficial—so for all we know this could be an oversight on the carmaker or Automobile Magazine's part. Then again, Volkswagen never officially killed the project to begin with, so what it essentially adds up to is speculation being refuted by further speculation. Ah, the joys of playing the product release guessing game.


· · 7 years ago

Man, these guys are making my head spin! If we go one step back before the 2009 Frankfurt show, there are several quotes from VW officials stating that VW simply would not be getting in the EV business. So they weren't, they were, they weren't, and now they are? I'm not going to hold my breath!

· · 7 years ago

Agreed. Make up your mind! Zach, do you know any of the proposed specs for this car?

· · 7 years ago

No. To the best of my knowledge, VW hasn't shared any details about range, engine power or battery size for a production E-Up. They claimed that the concept vehicle that debuted in Frankfurt had a 60 kW motor and 80 miles of range, but this car is likely to change quite a bit by the time we see a "real" vehicle.

If it is coming to the United States (and so far the only tangible indication I've been able to find is that it will be tested here,) it could be significantly bigger (which makes you wonder whether releasing both this and the E-Golf really would be a bit redundant.) Take this report from 2009:

"Automotive News reports that a somewhat larger version of the E-Up! – about 146 inches long, or some 20 inches longer than the concept VW claimed was its smallest car ever – is being developed for the crucial U.S. market."

If and when they do start testing this car in the U.S., I imagine we'll learn a lot more.

· · 1 year ago

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