2012 Chevy Volt Lease Rate Hits Rock-Bottom Price of $199 Per Month

By · August 31, 2012

Chevy Volt

A Chevy dealership in Colorado is willing to do what no other dealer in the US has done: offer a lease on the 2012 Chevy Volt for less than $200 per month. According to Inside EVs, Medved Autoplex, one of Colorado's leading Volt dealers, is looking to lease eight Volts by September 1 and is hoping that its special rate will allow it to reach its goal.

Volt lease deal

A Chevy dealer in Colorado is offering a lease on the Volt for only $199 per month.

This promotion, called "8 Volts By September Or Bust!" offers a 2012 Chevy volt for $199 per month on a 24 month lease with 10,000 miles per year. Cash due at signing is $2,999. The deal is only offered on 2012 Model Year Volts and only on vehicles with an MSRP of $40,055.

Why the significant reduction in lease rates? It seems Medved Autoplex is shooting to become the Rocky Mountain Volt Authority leader and must sell or lease eight 2012 Chevy volts by September 1. This promotional lease rate may also be in response to GM's credit program that awards qualifying dealerships up to $2,500 in future credits for Model Year 2013 Volts based on the amount of 2012 Volts sold this summer.

No matter the reason, a lease rate of $199 per month is next to impossible to overlook. And if postings on various forums are true, it might also be the perfect time to lease an all-electric 2011 Nissan LEAF as well. There are reports from St. Louis, Mo. and Oakland, Calif. that local dealers are offering the LEAF, in a 24-month lease, for $189 a month, with no money down.

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