About Us

After years of hard work, the auto industry is finally making cars than run on electricity!

At last, consumers have legitimate options for cars that use little or no petroleum. The benefits of these vehicles are big: significant reductions of climate change emissions, improved air quality, and hope for cutting back our dependence on oil.

Now, it's up to us. This website is created as a forum for all the relevant stakeholders—car shoppers, drivers, carmakers, municipalities, battery and infrastructure providers, environmentalists and other advocates. But mostly, it's about the early adopters who will be on the front lines of this revolution in automotive technology. We firmly believe that the first drivers of the new plug-in hybrids and electric cars literally hold the keys—or wireless key fobs—to the future.

PluginCars.com was founded by Brad Berman, who created HybridCars.com in 2003. In the years since HybridCars.com was launched, hybrids have grown from an automotive oddity to a viable mainstream vehicle choice. As the most efficient of gas-powered cars, hybrids will continue to expand their reach into the marketplace, and in doing so, save millions of gallons of gasoline (and reduce the impact on the environment and drivers' pocketbooks. We will continue to publish HybridCars.com, as a way to inform consumers about the wide range of fuel-efficient options available at car dealerships around the country.

We can't stop there. We need to push further on the march towards the electrification of the automobile. As seen by the growing list on the cars page of this website, the number of upcoming plug-in hybrids and electric cars is remarkable.

The PluginCars.com team of writers, researchers and industry analysts will report the news and related consumer info about your favorite electric-drive vehicles. The site hosts multiple online communities, each gathered around a specific EV or plug-in hybrid. And it provides opportunities for each vehicle-specific community to interact with the other—as a way to form a growing movement of electric drivers.

So, let's get started. Sign up for a free account. Post a new discussion. And spread the word to family and friends that the plug-in revolution is on the move.