Aptera CEO Claims "Ultimate Start-Up" While 2e Flounders at X-Prize

· · 10 years ago

CEO Paul Wilbur has made claims in a recent newsletter that the company plans to "get this right the first time" and that Aptera is the "ultimate start-up." But Darryl Siry, the former chief marketer at Tesla Motors, responded by suggesting that Aptera's self-professed perfectionist approach is not the best route—had they pushed the car out to early adopters, they could have achieved further market traction.

For example, the company has been debating whether or not to have windows that can roll up and down. Siry believes owners would have been happy either way, and would have provided the feedback to know which way to go in the next version.

On the other hand, maybe the company needs to work out a few more kinks.

The innovative Aptera 2e received criticism from Consumer Reports, who reported that the car struggled with a lane change test at track tests for the Automotive X-Prize Competition. The test involved moving from one lane to another, without the assistance of brakes or throttle, at a minimum of 45 miles per hour.

The 2e took more than 40 timed passes to reach the required standard, according to Jeff Bartlett of Consumer Reports. Bartlett wrote that even when the car was successful, "the car did not look as secure as its competitors."

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