Aptera Co-Founder Finds Success Selling Other Kinds of Battery Electric Vehicles

· · 9 years ago

After a contentious "boardroom showdown" saw him ousted from the company he helped start, Aptera co-founder Chris Anthony seems to have found some success in his latest enterprise. Epic Boats manufactures electric drive recreational vehicles out of a facility in Vivian, La., and according to a local news report (via Autoblog,) the company is looking to expand in a big way.

Right now, Epic Boats makes one hybrid "wakeboard boat" model, but it will soon release three new fully electric vehicles: a $22,000 ATV called the Amp; a $35,000, 200 horsepower three-wheeler called the Torq; and a $150,000 electric sport boat. The vehicles rely on lithium ion battery technology from Flux Power, which Anthony also founded.

The Epic Boats facility in Louisiana is currently looking to add 200 additional employees to build the new offerings and thinks it may need to hire as many as 500 workers in the near future. Given the price of the models and the current economic climate, it may be a little surprising to see so much demand for the first generation of recreational electric vehicles. According to the KSLA report, most pre-orders have been coming on from overseas.

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