BMW Teases Plug-in Hybrid Concept on '' Website

· · 8 years ago

Earlier this week, BMW launched a website called in a clear attempt to force the pictures and information on the website to go viral. And, for the last several days I've wrangled with myself about even mentioning it at all. But, as resistant to purposeful manipulation as I can be at times, and as much as it bothers me to do so, I feel I must succumb to the tactics of the BMW marketing team. Plus, it's all relevant to the work we do here at and provides some valuable insight into the future direction of BMW's plug-in aspirations.

Although it's not exactly a treasure trove of information, does have some pictures of what appears to be an extension of the work BMW started with the Vision EfficientDynamics plug-in hybrid concept they unveiled last year accompanied by cryptic statements like "Obviously, this is more than a 6 Series. But the car is not yet in its final stage."

How do we know it's a Vision EfficientDynamics mule? As you can see from the picture of the thing's front end that I altered to highlight some of the dark shadows on the original image (hat tip to AutoblogGreen for the idea), the car certainly shares more than a passing similarity to the front end of the Vision concept (which you can also see in the group of pics attached to this post). The rest of the dark mule looks much like a standard BMW 6-series, suggesting that it may have been put together simply by chopping up an existing vehicle.In addition, if you watch the really short video below, you'll hear that the car is moving down the road with the telltale near silence of electric motor operation.

BMW has posted a short video to their ' website highlighting the near silence of the mysterious test mule.

In the end all this really means is that BMW is still pushing ahead on development of their Vision EfficientDynamics concept as a production vehicle—which they already said they would in last January. Move along, nothing to see here.

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