Chevy Volt Owners Often Exceed 40 Miles of Electric-Only Range

By · July 24, 2012

Chevy Volt dash display

Have you surged past 50 electric miles in your Chevy Volt?

Though officially rated at only 35 miles of electric-only range, countless reports from Volt owners show that Chevy's plug-in hybrid can go well beyond 35 miles of all-electric driving, if driven with care.

In popular media, sometimes the Volt is dismissed as "only" going 35 miles before the gas engine is fired up to sustain the battery pack's charge. At that point, while in charge-sustaining mode, the Volt's official EPA rating is 37 mpg. As a result, there is a break-even point for longer trips—a point at which the 50-mpg Prius becomes the smarter choice for fuel efficiency compared to the Volt. Pushing the boundaries of the Volt's all-electric range (by driving carefully, and if the temperature is mild) could shift the break-even point in favor of the Volt. Of course, if Prius drives apply hypermiling techniques, its MPG would expand beyond 50 miles per gallon.

Reports posted on a once again prove that your mileage may vary. Take, for example, one forum user who reports hitting 40 miles on a single charge on a beautiful sunny day in Austin, Texas. If 40 is not impressive enough, then consider that several Volt owners report exceed 50 miles on a single charge and that at least a handful have broken past 60 miles on one or more occasions.

In the 2013 model, the official benchmark on all-electric range will move up. Volt's official electric-only range will increase from 35 miles to 38 miles.

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