Volt Sales Steady in July 2012, LEAF Still In Slump

By · August 01, 2012


Nissan reported that sales of its electric LEAF checked in at only 395 units in July 2012. That compares to 535 sales in June 2012, but is a big drop from the 931 LEAFs sold in July 2011. Nissan's low volume of LEAF sales over the past few months could make it very difficult for the automaker to hit its goal of 20,000 units by the end of Fiscal Year 2012 (March, 31 2013).

On the other hand, sales of the Chevy Volt increased a bit with General Motors reporting it sold 1,849 units in July 2012, edging up from 1,760 units in June 2012. If we flip the calendar back to July 2011, we see that General Motors sold only 125 Chevy Volts a year ago.

In terms of 2012 year-to-date numbers, the tally for the Nissan LEAF now checks in at 3,543 units. Meanwhile, the 2012 YTD results for the Chevy Volt ring in at 10,666 units. Last year at this exact time, General Motors' year-to-date Volt sales stood at 2,870 units and Nissan's mark for the LEAF was 4,806 units.

Toyota reported that it sold 688 Prius Plug-in Hybrids in July. That's a slight drop from last month. In terms of year-to-date numbers—February through the end of July—sales of the Prius Plug-in now stand at 5,021 units.

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