Fisker Will Unveil a New 400-Mile Luxury EV in August

By · April 24, 2017

The EMotion concept from Fisker Inc.

Famed auto designer Henrik Fisker will reveal a new luxury electric vehicle—dubbed the EMotion—on August 17. Fisker is known for his dynamic visual designs, most notably the BMW Z8 and the Aston Martin DB9. His company, Fisker Inc., describes the design of the EMotion as featuring a large curved front windscreen pushed forward, an extremely low hood, and a rear that integrates a spoiler and diffuser to aid with aerodynamics.

Fisker Inc. previously revealed images of the EMotion in October 2016. At that time, the company said the EMotion will be able to travel about 400 miles on a single charge and can reach a top speed of about 160 miles per hour.

Fisker’s previous foray into plug-in vehicles, the First Karma plug-in hybrid, was widely praised for its looks. After missing a series of self-imposed deadlines, Fisker Automotive finally managed to bring the Karma, a $96,000 400-horsepower four-seat plug-in hybrid, to market in early 2011. But the company was plagued by technical and business problems, declaring bankruptcy in 2013. About 2,450 Karma units were produced before production was halted.

In its early days, Fisker Automotive was considered a viable competitor to Tesla. Years later, Fisker continues to borrow from Tesla’s playbook but is starting from scratch. It will launch with the luxury EMotion, which will have a price tag similar to the Model S, but then hopes to produce a relatively low-cost long-range electric car similar the Tesla Model 3. After years of success with its Model S and Model X—and steady growth in its stock price—Tesla is well positioned to produce a high-volume affordable long-range electric car. Fisker Inc. will need years to put itself in a similar position.

Like Tesla, Fisker is also developing its own energy storage division, Fisker Nanotech. According to some reports, the technology will rely on supercapacitors rather than lithium ion batteries. Fisker is also trying to innovate regarding of how it provides customer service without a broad dealership network. Last month, Fisker said it would partner with The Hybrid Shop, an independent service company, using smart devices and keyless entry to provide concierge maintenance without the owner needing to drive to a dealership.

Further details about the EMotion are expected when the vehicle is revealed in August.

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