Ford Prices 2013 Fusion Energi at $39,495

By · November 23, 2012

Ford Fusion Energi

Ford this week released pricing details on the 2013 Fusion Energi. The plug-in hybrid will hit dealerships in early 2013 and is expected to carry a base price of $39,495, excluding tax credits and delivery charges. The top trim Fusion Energi Titanium will be priced at $40,995. The entire Fusion Energi lineup will be eligible for a federal tax credit of an estimated $3,750, which will drop the effective price of the base SE Luxury trim Fusion Energi down to a reasonable $35,745.

The 2013 Fusion Energi is expected to qualify for a federal tax credit of $3,750 and up to an additional $1,500 in state incentives. Even before the discounts, the Fusion Energi is priced slightly above—$39,495 versus $39,145—its most direct competitor, the Chevrolet Volt. But it's the after-discount price that makes the Volt seem like a bargain. For example, if you factor in the federal tax credit, the Volt can be bought for an effective price of only $31,645, while the base Fusion Energi costs at least $35,745. That's a difference of $4,100.

The Fusion Energi has a fifth seat—whereas the Volt is a four-seater. But is it truly worth an additional $4,100? Buyers will also consider the relative cost and benefits of the Fusion Energi, versus the Ford C-Max Energi, a five-seat plug-in hybrid that's substantially smaller than the Fusion Energi—and costs only $29,995 after incentives.

The 2013 Fusion, regardless of powertrain choice, is one of the most stylish midsize sedans available today and that alone could convince buyers to hand over the extra cash. If styling doesn't drive sales, then Ford thinks the Fusion Energi's specs will. According to Ford, the Fusion Energi will be rated at or above 100 MPGe and will offer approximately 20 miles of electric-only range. Additionally, Ford claims the Fusion Energi will get at least 40 mpg in extended-range mode.

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