Ford Tries To Fix My Ford Mobile EV App

By · October 28, 2013

Ford Focus Electric

A few weeks after releasing a faulty update to its iPhone MyFord Mobile EV app, Ford has written to owners warning them about an upcoming temporary outage to its service, and the removal of key features. In a letter addressed to owners of its Focus Electric hatchback, Ford warned that it would temporarily suspend its MyFord Mobile service for up to eight hours tomorrow as part of a planned maintenance.

Instead of planning the outage to happen at night however, when most cars would be charging and most users sleeping, Ford says the outage will occur from 9 a.m. eastern on Tuesday, Oct. 29. For owners on the east coast, that’s in the middle of rush hour.

For all owners, regardless of location, it means remote monitoring of their car’s state of charge during Tuesday won’t be possible while Ford works to upgrade the MyFord Mobile servers. Of course, the service outage won't mean owners will have to leave their Focus Electrics at home. The cars will continue to charge, and drive as normal, but owners will be deprived of remote access to info.

Upgrade Required

Ford said current versions of the MyFord Mobile EV app won’t work after tomorrow. Owners who want to retain functionality and connectivity with their Ford Focus Electric will need to upgrade to the latest version. Ford also said that the upgrade will remove various functions from the MyFord Mobile service.

First, owners will no longer be able to route-plan from the MyFordMobile website. Instead, they will only be able to plan their trip using the mobile app, or from inside their car. Second, social media integration designed to allow drivers to share their energy efficiency via Twitter and Facebook, will be removed.

Owners are advised that during the upgrade period tomorrow, they may see the message “Service or Network Error” on their devices or browser screens. Once the upgrade is complete, they will be able to log in using their previous credentials and the system will automatically migrate them to the new service.

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