Is Selling More Volts a Matter of Dealership Commitment?

By · May 04, 2012

Serra dealership lot

Serra Chevrolet of Southfield, Michigan sells roughly 25 Chevy Volts per month.

Is the American public interested in buying the Chevrolet Volt? Well, if you posed that question to one of the employees at Serra Chevrolet in Southfield, Michigan, then the answer would be a resounding "yes."

On average, Serra Chevrolet sells a remarkable 25 Chevy Volts per month, compared to the one or two Volt average that the majority of Chevy dealerships move in a single month.

How does Serra Chevrolet maintain a high level of Volt interest, while the national sales total for sales dipped in April. It all starts by the dealerships strong dedication to the task of selling Volts. As Greg Brown, general manager of the Chevy dealership told Forbes, the key to selling 25 Volts per month is: focused training of sales staff; an inventory of Volts on hand; and a custom Excel spreadsheet with data comparing ownership costs of numerous Chevy vehicles.

"We’re getting in 25 a month and we’re selling 25 a month," Brown told Forbes. "We only have five left on the lot. We should always probably have 15 to 20 here at the dealership. So we just put in an order for another 25."

Selling Volts is also part of Serra Chevrolet's dedication to alternative energy, which includes multiple facets. The dealership generates some of its electricity from solar and wind, something that sales folks can point to when offering the Chevy Volt.

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