One Week Before Unveiling, Tesla Model 3 Specs Are Revealed

By · May 25, 2017

Tesla Model 3

With one week to go before Tesla unveils a production version of the Tesla Model 3, more details are emerging about the company’s upcoming $35,000 EV. The unveiling will take place at a VIP event at Tesla’s Fremont factory on June 2 and 3.

Regarding performance, we now know via leaked internal company documents that the Model 3 will accelerate to 60 mph in a brisk 5.6 seconds—right in line with the 75-kWh version of the Model S. The Model 3’s performance beats the 238-mile Chevy Bolt, which takes about seven seconds to reach 60 mph. Tesla has suggested that an even faster Model 3 will be produced about a year after the first units go on sale.

While the Model 3 beats the Chevy Bolt on acceleration, it will offer less driving range—about 215 miles on a single charge compared to the Bolt’s 238 miles. It also appears that the Model 3 will offer 14 cubic feet of cargo space, while the Bolt provides 16.9 cubes. The Bolt’s cargo advantage is surprising considering its 164-inch length, compared to the Model 3’s 184.8 Inches.

Elon Musk, Tesla’s chief executive, revealed via Twitter that the Model 3 will offer Autopilot features that are “just as advanced as in the Model S and X.” That dispelled rumors that the assisted-driving features in the Model 3 would be more rudimentary. However, don’t expect the fanciest or fastest Model 3 to emerge first off the production line. Musk, in another Tweet, wrote: “To start with, we’re making the simplest Model 3 first, like we did with the S. Didn’t do it with X because I was an idiot.” Some of the Model X SUV's advanced features delayed production of the first units and encountered reliability issues.

The Model 3 interior was recently caught on video. (Via Teslerati)

New spy shots of the Model 3 are emerging on a regular basis. A recent amateur video revealed the car’s interior, which will likely use a single touchscreen positioned in the middle of the dash—and will not offer a traditional gauge cluster. The design will employ a band of wood trim on the dashboard. Other spy photos reveal a roof-rack system mounted on the Model 3’s glass roof.

Musk also tweeted: “I’d highly recommend that you upgrade to the latest Model S, only if you really want a smaller sedan should you get a 3.” Of course, the least expensive Model S will likely cost approximately $30,000 more than the Model 3. The Model S qualifies for unlimited use of Superchargers while Model 3 owners will pay per use.

The first Model 3 deliveries are expected before the end of 2017. Orders placed today will not be fulfilled until mid-2018, according to Tesla.

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