Panasonic Will Supply Battery for Tesla Model S

· · 10 years ago

Tesla's Model S will contain the highest-energy density EV battery packs in the world. That's according to Panasonic, whose lithium ion battery factory in Suminoe Japan was recently visited by JB Straubel, Tesla's Chief Technology Officer. Panasonic will supply Tesla with 3.1 amp-hour battery cells, the highest density cells currently available.

The Model S powerplant is composed of thousands of lithium ion cells connected in series to provide at least 160 miles of range. The company will also offer more expensive, long-range versions of the car, including 230 and 300-mile models.

Tesla is planning to begin full scale production of the Model S sometime in 2012, with an expected price tag of $57,400. Subtract the $7,500 federal electric vehicle tax credit, and that brings the starting cost down to just under $50,000. The carmaker says it has already received more than 2,000 deposits for the car, which require a $5,000 commitment on the part of prospective customers.

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