Porsche Panamera Plug-in Hybrid Comes With Universal Charger Adapters

By · May 03, 2013

Porsche Universal Charger

Porsche Universal Charger (AC)

The upcoming Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid, a plug-in hybrid, will have an integrated global charging solution that supports any AC power standard around the world. The Porsche Universal Charger (AC) will come standard with the S E-Hybrid, which was unveiled a month ago in Shanghai, and by default, will be delivered customized to the owners home country.

The problem Porsche is solving is the different power outlets which vary from country to country. This problem is familiar to anybody who has traveled internationally, because different power outlet standards mean carrying along a bag full of plug adapters. The power bricks provided with some consumer electronics have switchable cables, allowing it to be used in multiple countries just by switching the cable.

Porsche developed an integrated and comprehensive solution, the Porsche Universal Charger (AC), which covers all markets for the $100,000 Panamera S E-Hybrid. This charging solution interfaces between the charging outlet built into the car, and the many kinds of electrical outlets the car owner will encounter on the road.

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Home charging dock

During the purchase process, the customer will receive key information on operating the vehicle and provisioning the home charging station. The home charging system is included standard with the vehicle, and can be connected to a household electrical outlet or a higher power outlet such as those used for clothes dryers.

Also included is the mobile Porsche Universal Charger (AC) with the charging cable, control unit and vehicle cable. The customer can choose from more than 20 different charging cables to support nearly all of the world’s plug connection types. By default, it will come with a cable for a typical household electrical outlet, and one for higher powered outlets. In Europe the cable might be a mode-3 charging cable, while in the U.S. it would have a J1772 plug. The car owner can purchase additional cables, and easily switch them.

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Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid

For example, the S E-Hybrid owner might routinely drive to other countries and need to access a variety of power outlets. While that might not be a typical American scenario, some U.S. electric car owners use the 240-volt 50-amp power outlets at RV parks as a backup in case common charging stations are not available.

Porsche has also developed a free-standing charging pedestal assembly that could serve as an electric charging station for carports or a company’s parking spaces.

Electric cars typically include a mobile charging unit. These are generally meant for infrequent use, and only support low power charging at about a 1-kilowatt rate. The Porsche unit is different by supporting full power charging, and appears to be capable of serving as the primary charging unit.

A smartphone app is also available, Porsche Car Connect, which allows remote control of car functions. With the app, drivers can access key vehicle information and to control vehicle functions. The functions include charge status overview, driving range management, charging timer and optional remote control of auxiliary climate control. The charging timer is set based on time of departure, and will ensure the battery is charged as safely and cost-efficiently as possible.

Available driving range is shown for both electric and gasoline modes, and is displayed on a navigation map. The climate control system can also be configured to make the cabin comfortable at the time of departure.

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