Reservation-Holders for Tesla Model 3 Hope for an Update on Friday

By · July 25, 2017

Tesla Model 3

Tesla is set to begin delivering the first Model 3 cars to customers at an event on Friday, July 28. Thirty lucky EV fans will become the first Model 3 drivers. They will bask in the limelight of the hand-over ceremony and immediately start reporting on the performance of the much-anticipated Model 3. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of reservation-holders who put down a $1,000 deposit more than a year ago will be anxiously awaiting details about key questions.

Some of the outstanding critical information includes:

  • The exact cost of the Model 3 with available options
  • The likely delivery date for each reservation-holder on the waiting list
  • Depending on the delivery date, if the $7,500 federal tax credit will still be available

A Tesla spokesperson said more details will be released on Friday, but did not elaborate or explain what info will be shared on Friday. More than 300,000 Model 3 reservation holders are awaiting information about the status of their order.

Based on previous communication, Tesla is expected to deliver 30 Model 3 units on July 28, about 100 cars in August, and around 1,500 cars in September. By all indications, Tesla remains confident about making those deliveries and then ramping up production of the vehicle to 5,000 units per week before the end of the year, and 10,000 per week at some point in 2018. At that pace, some current reservation-holders might wait a year or longer for a Model 3.

The lack of information received from Tesla “makes me 100 percent more nervous,” said Patrick Herrity, a 34-year-old business consultant in Virginia, who spoke with Bloomberg.

Hilary Bumgarner of Sacramento, Calif. said Tesla has not shared any information. Bumbarner said that if she can’t get the car by the end of the year, she will cancel her Model 3 order and consider buying a used Model S. Cathy Gilabert, a 35-year-old veterinarian in Nevada, canceled her order six months ago after catching a glimpse of the car’s dashboard. She already owns a Model S. Some potential buyers have expressed concerns about rumors concerning Tesla quality issues, employee turnover, or a possible shortage of batteries.

Tesla’s most ardent fans are undaunted. Ky Wagner is confident because he made his reservation on Day One. “I’m lucky that I have a little piece of mind in knowing I’m towards the front of the pack or [otherwise] the lack of communications would have me frustrated,” said Wagner, in an interview with Jalopnik.

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