The SHS Chevy Volt Project Exceeds Expectations

By · February 28, 2012

Sterling High School Chevy Volt Project

As gas prices continue to rise, the data from the last two weeks of our Sterling High School (SHS) Chevy Volt Project should encourage people to consider taking a closer look at the Volt. Data shows we had a calculated 115 MPGe for several days of driving—more than 20 MPGe above the already impressive 94 MPGe shown on the EPA fuel economy label. In addition, we topped the EPA's rating with an average of more than 38 mpg for gas-powered miles during the same two-week period.

In an effort to maximize results, I cruised at a leisurely 45 mph during my commute to school. While driving at this speed added approximately five minutes to my trip, the results were noticeable. Thanks to warmer outside temperatures, my climate settings were much higher, resulting in nearly-perfect driving scores.

For two days last week, I drove round-trip to school on 100 percent electric power. The Volt's longest trip yielded an impressive 38+ mpg at highway speeds, with an energy cost of just under 10 cents per mile. I had traveled four miles on electric power for that same dime. Granted, most people will probably drive faster than 45 mph, but our results for the past two weeks should help show what's possible with the Volt.

Coming up, we'll bump up the cruising speed to see what happens when we travel in the Sport Mode. There won't be many people passing the Volt this week.

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