Tesla Electric Crossover SUV in the Works

· · 10 years ago

Autoweek reported that Tesla will make an all-electric crossover SUV—maybe as early as 2013 or 2014. CEO Elon Musk said that the company is focusing on bringing its Model S to market in 2012—but that other models, including an SUV, would follow at “a rapid pace.” No other details were provided.

The company is aiming to make its electric vehicles more affordable—and therefore accessible to mainstream buyers. Musk said that Tesla would offer four-wheel drive as a future feature.

Musk also plans to expand Tesla’s role as an electric drivetrain supplier. Tesla already has a deal provide drivetrains for the electric Smart ForTwo, and it is providing batteries to Freightliner Custom Chassis for an electric delivery truck. Musk disclosed on Tuesday that Tesla will supply electric drivetrain technology for the Mercedes A-Class EV. That would make sense, given Daimler owns about 8 percent of Tesla.

Musk made his remarks from Detroit, where he named “automotive executive of the year award’ at the Detroit Athletic Club.

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