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By David Herron ·
May 06, 2013

Tesla Tweaks Model S Financing To Make It More Affordable

On Friday, Elon Musk, chief executive of Tesla Motors, announced a revision of the Tesla Model S financing program—the one that was unveiled only a month ago. Tesla had presented the program as a big deal that makes the Model S more affordable, but it was met with criticism. “We decided we were wrong and other people were right and we decided to fix it,” said Musk. The changes include adjustments to the residual value guarantee, and lengthening the financing term to lower the payment.

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By David Herron ·
April 29, 2013

Tesla Motors Offers Unlimited Battery Warranty

Calling it the worlds best service and warranty program, Elon Musk unveiled a new warranty and service plan on Friday. It includes an unlimited battery warranty, and a Model S upgrade program. Is Tesla setting a standard for the rest of the auto industry to follow with its electric cars?

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By David Herron ·
April 23, 2013

Tesla: Poll Proves Public Support of Direct Sales of Electric Cars

Tesla Motors' fight for the right to sell cars through their preferred direct sales model has pitted them against the American Dealers Assocation, and forcing the company to lobby for changes in auto dealership franchise laws around the U.S.

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By David Herron ·
April 10, 2013

Tesla Motors Lobbies Texas Legislature To Allow Direct Sales

The company is seeking an exception that would allow it to sell electric cars directly to the public, as they are doing in other states.

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By Zach McDonald ·
April 09, 2013

Project 100 Pursues New Kind of Transportation for Las Vegas, Using Tesla Model S

Project 100, a new transportation-sharing enterprise based in downtown Las Vegas, will purchase 100 Tesla Model S sedans, the largest vehicle order Tesla has received in its short history. But the significance of Project 100 doesn’t come from the number of Teslas it plans to put on Las Vegas streets—the project is a new spin on ride-sharing that connects a variety of transportation options including bikes, shuttles and neighborhood electric vehicles for a single monthly fee dreamed up by Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh.

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By David Herron ·
April 02, 2013

Tesla Motors Offers Lease Program for Model S

With the new financing program, Tesla Motors hopes to make the Model S more affordable to a broader range of customers, while giving customers peace of mind with a guaranteed residual value, and the convenience of being able to return the Model S to Tesla.

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By Jim Motavalli ·
April 01, 2013

Tesla's Good Day: Stock Soars on "Full Profitability" Announcement

Tesla announces a profitable quarter, and announces some changes—that customers will love—to the Model S. A big Elon Musk investment announcement is coming.

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By Eric Loveday ·
March 12, 2013

Tesla Motors to Expand European Operations

Tesla Motors debuted the production Model S and Model X prototype at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. But the company's more important European news was not related to either vehicle. It was Tesla's focus on expanding operations in Europe as is its next step.

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By Zach McDonald ·
February 15, 2013

What to Make of Tesla’s Latest Media Feud?

Yesterday, Elon Musk and New York Times writer John Broder hashed out a dispute over Broder’s February 10 article titled “Stalled Out on Tesla’s Electric Highway”. At the end of the day though, the squabble has everything to do with the personalities and prejudices of its participants and relatively little to do with the Model S.

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By Nick Kurczewski ·
February 06, 2013

Tesla Motors Introduces Mobile App for Model S Sedan

Tesla Motors yesterday launched a new free mobile app for its Model S sedan. Judging from the initial reviews online, users are very impressed with its everyday usability and sleek functionality.

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