Tesla Model X Delayed Until Fall 2015

By · November 07, 2014

Tesla Model X

Tesla this week announced that its Model X all-electric SUV would be delayed until about Q3 2015. It had originally been expected sometime in 2014. In the announcement by CEO Elon Musk, made during an investor earnings call, he said the company needed more time to address challenges regarding mass production of the vehicle.

“Making lots of something consistently that's going to last a long time is extremely hard,” said Musk. He specifically pointed to the so-called “falcon-wing doors” as a concern.

Musk said that the company had learned lessons about quality control from the production of its Model S sedan. “Once you get into volume manufacturing, there are statistically rare issues, but you really need to make a bunch of something in order to know that it's there.”

Consumer Reports in late October reported that Tesla reliability, based on a survey from more than 1,300 Model S owners, was “average.” Two widely reported issues were: slow response from retractable door handles and creaky windshields. Meanwhile, Edmunds previously reported that after 17 months with its 2013 Model S, the $105,000 car required seven unscheduled service visits.

Despite these reports, Musk emphasized that demand for the Model S remains high.

Musk characterized the delay of the Model X as “a few months,” a necessary step to ensure that the stylish high-performance all-electric SUV will “delight customers.”

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