Tesla Adds New Options For Model S, Raises Prices

By · August 06, 2013

Model S Price Change

The Tesla website reveals new build-to-order options for the Model S, as well as the extra cost.

While the price of many plug-in cars is falling, in an ongoing EV price war, Tesla Motors is upping the price of some of its build-to-order options for its luxury sedan. At the start of August, the Californian automaker quietly added new options to its Model S, simultaneously increasing the price of some existing options.

The base-model pricing remains unchanged for both 60 kWh and 85 kWh—and actually drops for base-model P85 performance spec. But the majority of Model S customers, who specify at least one build-to-order option, will pay more for their car.

Some added extras—like $2,500 aerodynamic wheels which Tesla says will marginally improve the Model S’ range and a $750 subzero weather package consisting of triple-zone rear seat heaters, wiper blade defrosters and washer nozzle heaters—will likely be welcomed by many Tesla fans. But other customers are feeling somewhat cheated.

Second Thoughts

For example, the Model S’ famous all-glass panoramic roof—which used to be available as a build-to-order option for $1,500—has been hiked to $2,500. Similarly, the XM satellite radio option—which used to cost $950—will now set you back $2,500, since it’s now only available if you buy the Ultra High Fidelity Sound package.

One customer complained on the Tesla Motors Club forum that the price hikes added an additional $12,000 to his car, forcing him to hold off the ordering process until he can pay for the car in full. Other Tesla Fans who have yet to finalize their order said the price hike is too much, leading them to have second thoughts about buying a Tesla at all.

Duly Warned?

Tesla did warn customers of the upcoming price increase in the last week of July, telling those who had  placed a deposit on a Model S that they had until August 1 to finalize their order or face the increased prices. “We want to inform you that currently, your order is not subject to this price change,” Tesla told reservation holders. “However, if your order remains ‘On Hold’ after August 1, 2013, your order will become subject to the new pricing and to any further price changes if and when they may occur.”

Tesla also warned that customers who had confirmed an order but then changed their configuration after it had been released to the factory could face a price hike: “If at some point in the future, you decide to change the configuration of your order once it has been released to the factory, this may be possible, but this will cause your order to be repriced to the most current pricing structures and you will lose your previous pricing.”

All-New Options

Highly-anticipated extras are now available for those willing to pay the extra money for the latest Model S. These include new trim and wheel options, as well as front and rear parking sensors, extended nappa leather trim, front fog lights, and a carbon-fiber rear spoiler. Some options—like the $500 parking sensors—require you to have already ordered the $3,500 tech package, further increasing the price.

As for a fully-loaded Model S? By our calculations, ordering a Model S P85+ model with every box ticked, including triple-layer metallic paint, performance seats, carbon fiber dash and “Matching Yacht Floor” will set you back an eye-watering $132,070, before federal and state incentives. PluginCars.com reached out to Tesla for a statement on the price increases, but Tesla has not yet commented.

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