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By Alysha Webb ·
October 12, 2012

Survey Reveals Toyota Dealers’ Reluctance with Electric Cars

Based on results from a new survey by AutoRetailNet, a publication targeting dealers, Toyota dealers apparently don’t even want to try to sell an all-electric Scion iQ. If a dealer isn’t behind a car, it won’t sell.

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By Brad Berman ·
January 16, 2012

Toyota Confirms Limited Production of Electric RAV4 and Scion iQ in 2012

Toyota's chief executive confirmed last week that electric versions of the Scion iQ and the Toyota RAV4 will enter the production cycle in 2012. The two electric vehicles have been promised for a couple of years, so hitting the delivery dates on time is good news. The bad news is how tentative the production numbers will be.

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By Eric Loveday ·
November 15, 2011

Toyota to Debut Electric FT-EV III Concept at Tokyo Motor Show

The electric Toyota FT-EV III concept will make its worldwide debut at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show. The FT-EV III concept, described as a "near future" vehicle, is based on the Scion iQ and previews the upcoming, low-volume production electric version.

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By Laurent J. Masson ·
September 07, 2011

Does Toyota Believe in Electric Cars?

A Toyota electric car called the TMG EV P001 last week set a new lap record for EVs of 7 minutes, 48 seconds around the mighty 13-mile Nürburgring race course in Germany. But no engineer from Toyota Motor Corporation, the Japanese company which builds the Corolla and the Prius, had anything to do with the TMG EV P001.

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By Brad Berman ·
April 25, 2011

Toyota’s 50-Mile Electric Car Pushes Lower Limit of Acceptable EV Range

Any whiff of an electric car's diminished range will likely to continue garnering media coverage. Perhaps it’s the difference between advertised and actual range that’s earning attention—but Toyota’s small EV with a stated range of 50 miles will raise eyebrows from the beginning. Of course, Toyota will pitch the idea of the FT-EV as a specialized vehicle for a very specific use—the short-range commute. It begs the question: What is the lower limit of EV driving range for a car to be deemed worthy of production?

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By Brad Berman ·
May 21, 2010

What the Tesla-Toyota Partnership Means, and Doesn’t Mean

News that Tesla and Toyota will work together represents a giant step forward in the development of sustainable electric-drive automobiles. In recent years, the two car companies have occupied the opposite ends of the spectrum: the ultra-conservative corporate behemoth that has dominated green car sales for nearly a decade—and the ultra-adventurous start-up with big ambitions.

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By Brad Berman ·
October 12, 2009

Urban Networked Electric Cars Coming to Tokyo Show

The theme of the 2009 Tokyo Auto Show 2009 is “Fun Driving for Us, Eco Driving for Earth.” So, it’s no surprise that Japan’s biggest automakers will be rolling out their funkiest electric cars—vehicles that can lean, download files from home, and carry smaller electric unicycles. The show opens to the public on Oct. 24.

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By Brad Berman ·
August 21, 2009

Exclusive: Toyota Explains Its Position on Electric Cars

It appears that every automaker in the world has caught electric car fever, save one: Toyota, the one best known for green cars. In an exclusive interview with, Toyota product planners explain the company's position on electric cars.

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