Transit Connect EV Draws Early Praise in Media Test Drives

· · 9 years ago

Over the past few months, Ford has invited media outlets to test drive its Transit Connect Electric truck at the New York and Chicago auto shows. The fully electric truck is designed for commercial fleets and won Truck of the Year at the Detroit auto show in January. Its combustion-powered sibling, the Transit Connect, has been a major hit for Ford since its release in 2003 and is nearing 700,000 total sales. First impressions of the electric model, which is scheduled to hit the market later this year, have been positive so far:

"The vehicle delivers on what Ford promises as car-like driving dynamics, combined with cargo capacity and accessibility. Pricing hasn’t been announced, but expect a hefty price tag."

Mother Nature Network

"I got the impression that companies switching to fleets of this van would not have a drivers’ strike on their hands. It’s quiet, just as energetic as any four-cylinder alternative, and rattle- and whine-free."


"The Transit’s tall, narrow silhouette enticed, and as I powered down the narrow streets in Midtown West I found it ideal for the crowded byways. Power was smooth, getting off the line quickly enough to avoid being bullied by taxis. Plus it’s still big enough to intimidate. Turning radius was a deliveryman’s dream. A nice ride, as far as plumber-mobiles go."

Green Car Reports

"Curb weight is roughly 3,950 pounds, about 500 pounds heavier than the gasoline version. The conversion cuts payload from 1,600 to 1,000 pounds, meaning the electric van may be more suited for deliveries of flowers and light packages than heavy plumbing supplies."

Gas 2.0

"Based on what I could tell from 5 minutes, if you or your drivers travel less than 80 miles per day on predetermined routes or in and around the city, the Transit Connect Electric could be exactly what the doctor ordered to either show off your business’ commitment to going green and/or saving oodles of money at the pump and maintenance department. It could truly fit into your business without anyone so much as batting an eye."

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