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    After a long career in the health informatics industry, Mark has been on the faculty of Georgia Tech for the past six years. His interest in cars began when, as a teenager, he saw a metallic blue 1964 Camaro Z-24 with broad white patches on the hood in the window of the Chevrolet dealer in the small Southern town where he grew up. Styling and technology have always been his auto buying hot buttons, but his increasing concerns about the climate put reducing his carbon footprint at the top of his checklist. He decided to buy the Fusion Energi when Ford first announced they were going to produce it. After more than a year waiting, so he could actually see and drive the car, he ordered one immediately after the test drive in June 2013. Mark had a Siemens Versicharge Level 2 charging station installed and ready so that when he picked up his Fusion Energi in late July, he could immediately experience the thrill of his first charge.

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