Video: Chevy Volt Teardown Reveals Blueprint for Volt 2.0

By · February 06, 2012

Ever wonder what's inside the Chevrolet Volt? Well, wonder no more as time-lapse video shows a detailed teardown of General Motors' plug-in hybrid. Though the teardown took three days, the video captures all the details in less than five minutes.

Last week, Munro & Associates tore down a 2012 Chevy Volt to get a full understanding of how the vehicle works. Part of the "Drive for Innovation" initiative, the disassembly was conducted to highlight the technology found within the Volt, from its T-shaped lithium-ion battery pack to individual circuit boards.

The bolt-by-bolt deconstruction was conducted without GM's involvement, but now that the Volt has been dissected, the possibilities of Volt 2.0 are starting to emerge. As Reuters states:

“Surgical deconstruction of the Volt attended by Reuters without the involvement of GM showed how the plug-in hybrid was designed for relatively quick upgrades such as a longer driving range under electric power. By leaving what amounts to a blank slate at the heart of the Volt's complicated electronic controls, GM has cleared the way—if the Volt succeeds—for the quick improvements more common in consumer electronics than the slower-moving auto industry.”

A senior engineer who participated in the teardown adds, "They’re reserving a lot of this real estate for future developments so that they can easily put more components on here if they want to."

"This is, without a doubt, the most advanced board I’ve seen General Motors put out and it’s got room to grow," said Sandy Munro, chief executive officer at Munro & Associates. "This is hot stuff."

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